Monday, May 7, 2012

Home, sweet home

Talking with a dear friend the other day, we agreed that there's really nothing quite like the feeling of going home after a long time spent elsewhere… After a busy semester, jam-packed with an endless "array" of projects (pun intended), nothing sounds quite as sweet as a little visit to mi casa.

[CUE: sigh of relief] 

Home is where I am welcomed by my favorite furry friends via vocal yelping and spastic body movement.. It is where we watch weird indie movies that my dad is convinced will be great because the anonymous critic on the cover gave it "two thumbs up".. It is where there is a surplus of delicious home-cooked food (including, but definitely not limited to, fresh guacamole, whole wheat waffles, and enchiladas… YUM.) 

Merriam-Webster defines the word "home" as "one's place of residence". If you asked where my home was, I would probably recite my address to you. But I don't think a home is just a physical location. When I think of the reasons I love home, it's not because I adore the decor or think the floorplan is super efficient. I love home because of the people who embody it. In the Lord's perfect provision and deep grace, he has greatly blessed me with an incredibly loving family. Their love and endearing support are what make this cement dwelling a home. 

Whatever I am lacking, he never ceases to provide. 

I've been here for approximately two hours and I already feel myself unwinding into a comfortable state of leisure. I think it's going to be a nice week of some much-needed rest...

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